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The Najim Family Foundation will shine the spotlight on a different nonprofit organization each month.

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Nonprofits in San Antonio and the surrounding area gathered together to honor Harvey E. Najim and the Najim Family Foundation for his contributions to their organization and the chilldren they serve.

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Community Spotlight-June 2017
P.O. Box 690993
San Antonio, TX 78269
About Kinetic Kids:
Kinetic Kids are children from all walks of life who experience
the daily struggles of life-long challenges including but not limited
to cerebral palsy, spina bifida, down’s syndrome, autism,
asperger’s syndrome, brain tumors, cancers, or other neurological
disorders. These children have the desire to perform age-
appropriate recreational and sports activities like their typically
developing peers. They are children who may use wheelchairs as
their primary mobility or they may use a walker or crutches. They may also be independent with mobility but for
other reasons, are limited in their participation from recreational activities with their peer group.
Kinetic Kids was established to provide health, recreational, and educational services to these children and their
families. Their mission is to provide unique experiences through physical and creative activities in a supportive
environment to children with special needs who may otherwise be excluded.
Kinetic Kids offers year round, comprehensive group programs for children with special needs with physical and
cognitive disabilities! The sports and recreation programs run in four seasons including Winter, Spring, Summer,
and Fall.
Kinetic Kids offers sports programs, art and music programs, educational programs.
Each season provides a different line-up of programs.
Most programs run once a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour for 6-8 weeks.
We also offer 1 day special events such as outdoor explorer and educational programs.
Programs are designed and facilitated under the guidance of physical and occupational therapists.
Kinetic Kids has customized divisions to best meet the needs of children with a wide variety of diagnoses in a group
environment. Divisions include Allstar, Champions, Parent and Me, and Competitive.
Kinetic Kids plans to offer
the following programs each year (subject to change):
Competitive Swim
Endeavor Games
Flag Football
Lose the Training Wheels
Music Outdoor Explorers
Parent & Me Swim
Parent & Me Gymnastics
Track & Field
Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair Tennis
Wheelchair Track & Field
In order to best serve this population, Kinetic Kids programs are designed and facilitated by physical, occupational,
or speech therapists, so children are able to enjoy sport and recreational activities in a safe and friendly
Friday, June 9th
Kinetic Kids Expo
University United Methodist Church
5084 DeZavala Rd., San Antonio, TX 78249
10am - 2:00 pm
August 7 – 11
, 2017
2017 Bike Camp
University United Methodist Church
5084 DeZavala Rd., San Antonio, TX 78249
5 consecutive days, for 75 minutes a day.
To register visit their website at
If you are interested in supporting
Kinetic Kids
please contact
Catherine Dial Easley
at 210.913.3513 or